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On Cask
Handsome Blonde 3.8% £3.20
Jarl 3.8% £3.50
On Keg
Amstel £3.50
Veltins £4.50
Stowford Press £3.50
We have an ever changing guest beers on cask and keg, please ask your server

Sparkling Wine
Prosecco, Frassinelli, Italy – 11%
125ml £4.50 Bottle £20.95
A superior example of this popular wine. Floral aromas with light citrus hints to the palate. Creamy and soft with a delicate and refreshing aftertaste.

White Wine
Sauvignon Blanc, Casa Amada, Chile – 13%
125ml £3.75 175ml £4.50 250ml £5.50 Bottle £14.95
Lovely fresh Sauvignon, herbaceous aromas with tangy vibrant style. Crisp and zesty to finish.

Sauvignon Blanc, Casa Amada, New Zealand – 13.5%
125ml £5.00 175ml £6.00 250ml £8.00 bottle £21.95
Extremely good and classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Pinot Italy
125ml £5.00 175ml £6.00 250ml £8.00 bottle £21.95

Rosé Wine
Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé, Casa Amada, Chile – 13%
125ml £3.75 175ml £4.50 250ml £5.50 Bottle £14.95
Deep pink in colour with red berry ripeness and a lithe, youthful flavour. Fragrant and fruity, softly dry and inviting.

Red Wine
Merlot, Casa Amada, Chile – 13.5%
125ml £3.75 175ml £4.50 250ml £5.50 Bottle £14.95
Ripe and juicy red with dense bramble fruit
overtones and a supple, open palate. Pliant and smooth.

Malbec, Santuario, Mendoza, Argentina –  13.5%
125ml £4.25 175ml £5.00 250ml £6.50 Bottle £21.95
Smooth and fruit driven red. Warming with plummy hints and a savoury richness to finish.

Piqueras, Spain – 14%
125ml £5.00 175ml £6.00 250ml £8.00
A deep rich red using Garnacha Tintorera Grapes aged in oak Barrels for 6 months

Wild and Wilder Shiraz, Australia 14.5% 125ml £4.50 175ml £5.25 250ml £7.00 bottle £18.95



Lakeland Moon 25ml £3.50
Gordens 25ml £3.50
Bombay Saphire 25ml £3.50
Beefeater Strawberry 25ml £3.50

Fever Tree Bottles Indian Tonic, light, Mediterranean, Elderflower and Ginger ale £1.80

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